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We are looking for Business Brokers to join our team!

We are Business Brokers.  We help business owners sell their businesses.

We need help.  Can you be a business broker?  This is NOT an easy career, but it is rewarding.  $100K-$200K commissions in the second and subsequent years.

Have you been a business owner?  Do you understand business financial statements?  Can you live without a paycheck for 9 months?

This is an awesome career.  Consider the demographics, millions of businesses will be sold in the next 20 years!

Business brokers, also called intermediaries, are professionals who help others buy or sell private businesses. They typically handle the entire process, from valuing the business to finding a Buyer, confidentially, then negotiating the right price with a buyer or seller. Becoming an effective business broker, however, requires a sound knowledge of every aspect of business valuation and operations.

A business broker is essentially a deal maker between the buyers and sellers of businesses. They generally represent the seller of a business, but can also represent buyers, both parties, or act as neutral intermediaries. Their goal is to make the selling process as easy and rewarding as possible for their client. Specifically, they handle every aspect of the sale, including:

  • Finding business owners trying to sell.
  • Estimating the fair market value of the business.
  • Creating a sale listing and advertise the sale.
  • Identifying and investigate potential buyers.
  • Negotiating a purchase deal.
  • Making sure that the buyer acquires proper funding.
  • Other duties are required to close a sale.

How much do Business Brokers Charge?

Business broker compensation varies between brokers and depends on the type of deals that they make. We charge commissions ranging 10 to 12 percent of the sale price, but may be more or less depending on the size of the business being sold. Business brokers can expect to make over $100,000 per year from completing even a small number of average-sized deals. However, larger sales bring in larger commissions. For example, a 10 percent commission on a $2 million sale could net you $200,000 on its own (before expenses).

We will train

If you have what it takes to succeed as a Business Broker, we will train. Want to learn more?  Call 1-800-Biz Broker or email