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Phil Saucedo, MBA

Phil Saucedo, MBA

Pablo Fonseca, MBA

Pablo Fonseca, MBA

At Spectrum Business Advisors we represent entrepreneurs. We enjoy and pride
ourselves on accomplishing our clients’ goals—whether it is an exit strategy or a
growth opportunity, our experience and dedication will help get you there.  If you need a business broker, we are here for you.

Here is an outline of what we do for our clients:
A. Lease Negotiations
B. Value and understand our client’s business
C. Develop a pricing strategy
D. Create a marketing package for your business
E. Receive SBA loan pre-approval—improves the availability of you business
to more potential buyers
F. Confidentially market your business
G. Screen potential buyers—non-disclosure agreements, credit checks, match
a person to your business
H. Negotiate and structure the best deal
I. Manage the escrow, due diligence, and disclosure process
J. Facilitate the transition and training period
K. Get you the most money!

If you require more comprehensive information on any of the above,
please contact us at 1-800-BIZ-BROKER or fill out the following form: