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I have been posting about the resources for small business during this critical time.

Small Businesses are the life-blood of our country.  Although we are facing some tough times, we cannot quit!  Unfortunately, some businesses will not make it. BUT, if you can find a way not only to survive and stay in the minds of consumers, you are sure to win and thrive as soon as this passes. I wanted to share a few suggestions for winning in these crazy times.

Sell Gift Cards!  I suggest offering a discount.  Reach out to your customers online, email, text, etc. and offer gift cards at a discount that can be used as soon as our situation becomes less “shelter in-place”.  

Can you offer a digital “product”?  This one takes some creativity. But the point is that all of your competitors are in the same spot, so if you can stay in the minds of your customers and potential customers you can actually grow in this crisis.  

Here are a few examples:

Karate Studio / Gyms / Yoga:  I recently saw an innovative karate studio offer a free 4 week online course (kids are sitting at home).   They will then offer the kids a chance to come in and test for their belt. Super creative! I bet several will be converting to full-time students after this crisis.

Restaurants:  Offer your recipes or show how to cook a specialty dish on social media…. Post some videos, pics, etc…. Don’t worry about having a professional video/pics …. In fact, ask an employee who posts a lot on social media, I’m sure they can help.  Again, don’t get hung up on making your posts perfect…just post as often as possible.

Offer “new” products or modify for the … again get creative.  Restaurants: how about “prepping” some dishes (might not even have to be “hot” dishes) so customers can pick-up or for delivery.  

Can you deliver?  If your business hasn’t delivered products in the past, now may be the time.

Do you have any ideas?