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Business for Sale: Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

Business for Sale: Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

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business for sale

Business Description

$13 Billion US Market!

This market is worth BILLIONS! Perfect acquisition for a fertilizer company or a distributor in the home and garden market.
This company has already done the heavy lifting. EPA registration, trademarks, sourcing contracts, production/bagging partners, and even sales!

Currently available at Home Depots in Southern California. $156k in sales over past 2 years. Needs a strong sales/marketing component

Detailed Information

Sourcing and production are outsourced (Home Based)
The use of chemical fertilizers is causing health issues and hence, there is a huge demand for organic fertilizers in United States. Consumers are increasingly becoming health conscious and the demand for organic foods is increasing. The organic fertilizers and biofertilizers market is estimated to grow as a result of the increased demand for organic food products.
Support & Training:
Reason for Selling:
Partnership disolving
This business is Home-Based

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