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Selling a business could be one of the biggest decisions an owner makes in his/her life. The process involves several areas of expertise and can be a complex and time consuming. It is common to underestimate all that is involved and how much time it can take to sell a business.

Confidential Business Sales

Selling you business confidentiality is critical to reduce the risk of business erosion during the sale process.

Comprehensive Marketing

We will market your business confidentailly, in the most effective channels. Online, direct, trade magazines, and more!

Short Term Agreements

We don't beleive in locking-up our clients in long-term agreements. If we can't deleiver results, you are free to find a business broker who can.

No Sale, No Fee

We will cover your business valuation & marketing. Never an up-front fee. In fact, if we can't sell your business, there are no fees.

Done Deal! Most Current Businesses Sold.

Selling your Business is our Business!

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Finding the right Buyer for your Medical Practice

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How to Find the Right Buyer for Your Medical Practice Selling your practice involves a lot more than placing an ad. You’ll need to prepare your business for sale long before you even write the ad, and devise a strategy to help you reach the right prospects. The easiest ways to attract a buyer will […]

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10 Tips to Sell your Medical Practice

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10 Tips to Sell Your Medical Practice Selling a medical practice takes expertise and proper planning,  Before you put your medical practice up for sale, consider the following points so you can attract the right buyer. Knowing as much as possible about how to sell your practice, even before you contact a broker, will make […]

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Selling your Medical Practice to a Hospital: What You Should Know

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Selling any small business is tough, but selling your medical practice will present their own unique challenges. Negotiate the best terms for sale of your medical practice to a hospital by hiring a business broker. More hospitals have been buying medical practices in recent years. This trend may be due to rising costs, the drop […]

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