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“Sell Your Business Fast, without a Business Broker”

New webinar teaches business owners how to sell their business.

Pablo Fonseca, a Business Broker in Riverside CA launched a webinar detailing the steps a business owner should cover to sell their business for top dollar, fast.  “Selling your Business Fast…without a Business Broker” is very comprehensive and covers valuable information.   You will also get the opportunity to ask questions.

Why would a Business Broker teach business owners how to sell their own businesses?

“Yes, we make our living selling businesses.  So why would I teach business owners how to sell their business?”  Mr. Fonseca continued, “Well, for a variety of reasons, we can’t always help every business owner sell their business.  However, the information I provide will help every business owner understand how involved the business sale process is.  I hope, actually, I know that once the business sale process is laid out, most business owners will realize that they will benefit from the services of a capable Business Broker.”

Webinars are a natural extension of delivering information over the internet.  Fonseca believes in the webinar format so much, he is already planning more.

“I think webinars are a great way to engage many people at once, get our business exposure, and deliver quality information.”  Fonseca explained.  He already has more webinars in the works, including: “How to Much is Your Business Worth” and is partnering with a CPA to produce, “How to Structure your Sale to Minimize Taxes”.


Pablo Fonseca, MBA has been a Business Broker since 2006.  He is based out of Riverside, CA and is the founder of 1-800-Biz-Broker, a national network of Business Brokers.


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