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As a Business Broker, I have found that a business will sell when the following three items are true:

  1. The business is profitable
  2. The business has opportunities for sustained growth
  3. The business has good records and verifiable books.

Without regard to the industry, if I represent a business that satisfies the above 3 conditions, experience has taught me that I will find a buyer.  However, I have also found that certain industries do sell better, sometimes faster, and more often than others.  Restaurants come to mind., one of the leading websites that lists businesses for sale, has just published their annual “BizBuySell Insight Reports”.  According to BizBuySell, these are the top 20 business types that sold in 2016 (by number of closed transactions).

Top Selling Types of Businesses


The full “Business Sales Insights” report can be found on

When you drill down the data, and look specifically at business sales in Riverside County, the news is good for potential business sellers as sales are up 4.8% from the same period last year.

In January  and February of 2016, 125 businesses were sold in Riverside County.  Compare that with 131 this past Jan and Feb, and you have a nearly 5% increase.

The table below summarizes the sales of businesses in Riverside County by month.  This information was taken from the BizBen Business Sales Report.  

Number of Businesses Sold In Riverside County

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
Businesses Sold 2016 70 55 61 80 84 46 54 112 58 83 68 76 847
Businesses Sold 2017 66 65


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