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Helicopter Business For Sale

Helicopter Business For Sale

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business for sale

Price: $4.9M

Income: $2.2M

Assets: $2.6M

Very Profitable Aerial Crane & Firefighting Helicopter Operation

39 Year old business that offers precision external load operations, fire fighting, aerial construction and heavy lift projects, power pole and utility lines including communications survey and repair, law enforcement, frost control, seismic work, charter, motion picture support, including aerial cinematography and video production.

They have ongoing contracts with the CA Department of Forestry (firefighting) and DOJ (law enforcement).

This operation is also an FAA Certified Repair Center for both fixed wing and rotary aircraft since 2010.

This business is one of the largest Sikorsky parts distributors in the country.

Operations are based in both Northern and Southern CA.

Includes FAA Parts 133, 135, and 137 licenses; 3 helicopters and several vehicles, trailers, and fuel trucks.

GROW the business: Majority of income comes from fire fighting and aerial crane services. Expand repair center and part business. Also opportunity to increase charter business.

To get more information please contact us and complete a nondisclosure agreement.

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