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Riverside County Business Sales are Slightly Up from Last Year

Riverside County Business Sales are Slightly Up from Last Year

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Business sales are up 4.8% versus same period last year

Good news for Business Owners considering selling their businesses.   Sales and transfers of businesses are up versus the same period last year.  In January  and February of 2016, 125 businesses were sold in Riverside County.  Compare that with 131 this past Jan and Feb, and you have almost a 5% increase.

The table below summarizes the sales of businesses in Riverside County by month.  This information was taken from the BizBen Business Sales Report.  


Number of Business Sold In Riverside County


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
Business Sold 2016 70 55 61 80 84 46 54 112 58 83 68 76 847
Business Sold 2017 66 65

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Business Sold! Established Micro Brewery is off the Market

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We are happy to announce that we have just sold another business!   Escrow has closed and the new owner has taken possession.  We wish both the buyer and seller an excellent future!

Have you been thinking about selling your business?  We are business brokers and are ready to help.  We specialize in Confidential Business Sales.  Call 1-800-Biz-Broker.  Or complete the contact form below.


Increase the Value of your Business

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Long before you get to a decision about selling you business, you should be thinking about ways to make it more valuable.  In this video, we go over “7 Tips to Increase the Value of your Business”.  Once you decide that it may be time to sell your business, give us a call or fill out the contact form below.  We are Business Brokers.  1-800-Biz-Broker


Business for Sale: Elegant Salon in Redlands

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Business Description

Great Opportunity for a Stylist looking for a salon!

The owner spared no expense when she built this salon. Elegant and modern, this salon is ready for the next owner operator to take the reigns. If you are a stylist ready to own and operate a salon in Redlands, this is it!

Make your operating expense from the current weekly space rentals. In fact, owner wants to stay, and pay you rent! She needs to sell, as she needs more time to care for a sick relative.

Stations rent for $175/week. 4 stations are vacant. ‘ 8 hair + 2 Nail stations } Growth opportunity: add 2-3 more stations.

Award winning salon recognized by local media as a TOP SALON.

No employees.

Interested in this business? We are business brokers helping business sellers and buyers. Contact us today and complete an NDA for more information.

Detailed Information

Real Estate:
Building SF:
Lease Expiration:
Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E):
Included in asking price
Beautifully built salon. Elegant and modern 8 hair + 2 nail stations. Three separate and private washing stations. Space available for additional stations. Excellent lease rate in place.
Support & Training:
Yes. Owner will stay on as a weekly lessee
Reason for Selling:
Care for sick relative
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Sell your Business Confidentially

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Keeping the sale of your business confidential is paramount to not disrupting your day-to-day business operations.  However, how do you find a buyer for your business, without alienating your key employees or losing important customers?

When you use a business broker from 1-800-Biz-Broker, you can be assured that they are experts at confidentially marketing your business for sale.

Some of the practices we employ are using “blind listings”, and non-disclosure agreements.  For example, if “Mike’s Downtown Cleaners” in downtown LA is for sale, we might promote it as an “Established Dry Cleaner in a Major Southern  California  City.”  Then when a potential buyer contacts us, we promptly request that they complete and Buyer Profile and Confidentiality or Non-disclosure Agreement.

Completing a non-disclosure agreement is also a critical part of pre-screening potential buyers, which is another important step in finding the right buyer for your business.

If you are thinking about selling your business, give us a call.  Our Business Brokers are experts at confidentially marketing your business for sale.  You can reach out to us in complete confidence, just use the contact form or call 1-800-Biz-Broker today.


8 Reasons Businesses Don’t Sell

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Not every business listed for sale will ultimately sell. In fact, some trade groups in our industry have stated that less than 10% of businesses that are listed “for sale by owner” will actually sell!  They go further and say that businesses that are listed by Business Brokers actually have a 40-50% probability of selling.  That’s a 4 to 5 times improved rate of success, when a business uses a business broker!  As a business broker, this is great, but I know why this is the case.  I, myself, as well as other Business Brokers (as least the good ones), screen the businesses we want to work with.  We have limited time and resources, so we want to take on clients who’s businesses we KNOW have a greater chance of selling.

There are a number of reasons why business don’t sell.  Here are a few…

From the Buyer Side:

  • They long to be a business owner, but they really don’t have the risk profile to actually pull the trigger
  • They are influenced by a partner or spouse to not buy a business
  • They have no concept or are unrealistic about the commitment, resources, process, or risk that is inherent in buying/operating a business

From the Seller Side:

  • Unrealistic price
  • Poor documentation
  • They are not honest about the business and/or its success
  • They have a partner with different goals
  • The Sellers are unaware about the tax implications of selling the business

If you are considering buying or selling a business, give us a call, we are business brokers!   1-800-Biz-Broker

Here are is a snapshot of our current Businesses for Sale

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Top 20 Businesses that Sell

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As a Business Broker, I have found that a business will sell when the following three items are true:

  1. The business has good books (well organized and verifiable)
  2. The business is profitable
  3. The business can be improved and grown

Without regard to the industry, if I represent a business that satisfies the above 3 conditions, experience has taught me that I will find a buyer.  However, I have also found that certain industries do sell better, sometimes faster, and more often than others.  Restaurants come to mind. is one of the leading websites that lists businesses for sale, has just published their annual “BizBuySell Insight Reports”.  BizBuySell analyzes sales and listing prices of small businesses across the United States based on approximately 45,000 businesses for sale and those recently sold..  You can find the whole report here.

I used Excel to arrange the data from one of the tables that presented the number of businesses sold in 2016; as reported by sellers and business brokers.  These are the top 20 business types that sold in 2016 (by number of closed transactions).



Do you have one of the Top 20 Businesses listed above?  Have you been thinking about selling your business?  Contact me today and I can help you get your business ready to market confidentially and for top dollar.  Call 1-800-Biz-Broker or visit

About the Insight Report

The BizBuySell Insight Report is a nationally-recognized economic indicator that tracks the health of the U.S. small business economy. Each quarter, BizBuySell analyzes sales and listing prices of small businesses across the United States based on approximately 45,000 businesses for sale and those recently sold. The BizBuySell Insight Reports focus on over 70 major U.S. markets and publish local, regional, state and national data for trending and analysis

Custom Neon Sign Business for Sale

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Asking Price: $299,990

Cash Flow: $113,071

What a great business for sale … profitable, no employees, get paid upfront, web business, work from home or anywhere, custom signs are drop-shipped, no inventory, & established over 10 years!

This is a website that sells custom neon signs. The site gets all of its traffic organically! Literally ZERO has been spent on Ad words in years.

Neon signs are sold to businesses and the general public. Huge list of repeat corporate customers including: Urban Outfitters & Forever 21.

Seller gets deluged with inquires daily. He responds with a custom quote and proof. If the customer approves, payment is up-front. Seller then sends order to one of his manufacturing partners. Signs are made and sent directly to the customer by the manufacture!

Sometimes the seller arranges for installation through other installation partners for an additional fee.

A nondisclosure agreement and buyer profile is required for additional information.

Thinking about buying or selling a business?  We are Business Brokers, we can help!  Contact us today.


Detailed Information

None. This a home based business. (Home Based)
This website ranks highly on Google searches for several relevant key words. ALL traffic to the website is organic.
Growth & Expansion:
1. You can add sales via Google Adwords 2. You can sell to the existing customer list (1800+ customers) 3. Add products… other types of signs, LED Signs etc..
Support & Training:
Yes. 4 weeks.
Reason for Selling:
Slowing down/ Semi-retiring
This business is Home-Based


A Good Exit Strategy Is Worth A Fortune: Selling your business for maximum profit

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You pay for insurance to protect your assets, why not implement an
Exit Strategy now for the same protection of your greatest asset?

Selling your business can be an organized process where each step maximizes profit and your advance preparation expedites the sale, or it can be a dismal failure full of gut wrenching interactions and tremendous amounts of your money left on the table at the close.  Fortunately the choice is yours.  A good Exit Strategy starts with simple awareness of the process of selling and can be implemented in advance in your day to day activities with little additional effort.  Thinking of the sale of your business in health terms, consider the sale with no preparation as last minute surgery with no anesthesia, and a properly done Exit Strategy as preventative medicine that will keep you out of the pain and cost of surgery.

Your Exit Strategy begins with awareness that one day you will sell your business. Reasons vary with each business owner and can be as simple as boredom with your own company that you have built, to complex issues such as health or divorce.   Only you know when it is time for you to sell. However having implemented a written Exit Strategy will assure maximum profit at the sale and great peace of mind should you be selling under less favorable circumstances such as the mental duress of a downturn in business or poor health.  You pay for insurance to protect your assets, why not implement an Exit Strategy now for the same protection of your greatest asset?

Once the decision to sell is made, the contacting of a business broker to discuss the market conditions and the various options you have to sell your business is imperative.  Most businesses are sold to other individuals through a broker who facilitates the transaction, working in your best interest.  Buyers can be entrepreneurs that have the same zeal you had when you started your business or industry players that will purchase your business to expand or enhance theirs.  A qualified business broker can be instrumental in helping you write a good Exit Strategy that encompasses the sale scenario viewed from every angle.

You will want to discuss a Buy/Sell Agreement with your business broker and other professionals like your attorney and CPA.  Existing agreements with partners, stockholders, landlords, and others will be examined to ensure your goals, expectations, and terms and conditions of sale are not remedied void and as few as possible conflicts arise during the due diligence process.  Due Diligence is the process of verifying the accuracy of the assertions made regarding your business.

View your Exit Strategy from the viewpoint of a buyer.  What would you be looking at and for if you were to buy your business?  Do your P&L’s match your Balance Sheets and Tax Returns?  Imagine the lack of confidence you would have to move forward as a buyer of your business if discrepancies arose in your financial documents at the due diligence stage of the sale.  What about the physical state of your facility ? If you were the buyer would you want to walk in to a facility that needed immediate attention or a facility that was clearly neat, clean, and organized, allowing you to transition easily into the pertinent matters at hand and not worry about disorganization and safety issues?  How is the attitude of employees and what would clients of yours say about you if they were randomly called?   Are your sales and profits on the increase and expenses on the decrease?  The purpose of the Exit Strategy is to apply a tiny amount of effort in the right direction each day to achieve maximum profit for minimum effort when you do sell.  Working on these issues a little bit each day brings huge profit and joy tomorrow.

Tax consequences and what you will do with both money and time after the sale is finalized need to be considered.  Many times to close a deal you will be asked to help in some capacity with the transition.  You want to decide in advance with the help of your tax attorney or CPA how the proceeds of the sale will be best distributed and conserved.  The financing arrangements and or cash at closing will greatly affect your tax position and all options should be considered.  Can you get more for your business by offering terms on a carry-back note and still protect your interests and save on taxes?  Being proactive at this stage will greatly enhance profits at the sale.

With your plan laid out and preliminary players like a CPA and a business broker identified, you can now break it down into bite-sized pieces that can be a part of your everyday business routine.  This process of implementing little daily routines produces maximum profits at the sale of your business.   If your business sells for 10% more due to this organization and planning, you may have just put $10,000, $100,000, $1,000,000 or more in your pocket by simply being prepared.

It is my job to orchestrate this process and help you achieve your goal.  When the time is right for you to start, I’ll be there to help.  Please feel free to call me with questions and or assistance.

Pablo Fonseca, MBA

Spectrum Business Advisors


Business Sold! Auto Repair Business has new owner!

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Done Deal!  We are happy to announce that we have found a great buyer for this business!  Congratulations to the Sellers.  It was our pleasure to work with them.
Thinking about selling your business?  Please contact us.  We are Business Brokers!  Call 1-800-Biz-Broker or complete this form:

Auto Repair Business – Established over 40 Years!

Business Description

This is a dream situation for a mechanic looking to get their own place. It would cost you $500K to build this operation from scratch.
This is a well established garage with state of the art equipment on the shop floor with 6 lifts. They specialize in servicing imports, but are well regarded to work on just about every vehicle.
This business has given the owner a great living and sent his kids through college, now he is ready to retire!
Rent is low. Reviews online are stellar, priced for a super fast sale!

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